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Chris and his team offer effective solutions to take your business to the next level. Areas of expertise include corporate culture and leadership, marketing, sales,  operations, and customer service.   By working directly with owners and management, coupled  with staff training, our services are the most impactful and cost-efficient way to elevate your company.  We create customized solutions for your specific business needs.

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  • E3 Strategy Session
  • Your Plan - A Customized Consulting Solution

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Emily Jane Moore, Events Director, Climbing Wall Association


In 2019 we launched a new regional conference series, and Chris Stevenson was my first call to join our speaker roster. His business acumen is valuable to all levels of leadership and management, and he was extremely collaborative and hands-on in developing training content for this new audience segment. Perhaps most importantly, I trust him to be a true ambassador of our organization’s values when he partners with us for our events. I wouldn’t have trusted the role of introducing this new event series with anyone other than Chris.

Marty Velasco, Owner and Founder, Fitness Edge Cleveland

Satisfied consulting customer testimonial

Chris has an unparalleled ability to uncover issues and strategize their solutions.  After we implemented the action plan Chris created for us, we had a dramatic increase in our sales-closing percentage and in our overall retention.  I would personally recommend Chris to anyone.


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